Hitler, Principalities, and Church

Stringfellow equates the biblical principality to modern-day ideologies or institutions or images . He talks about the principality of Hitler s image eventually possessing him where Hitler surrendered to his image in the struggle for control. Public image is a principality that can become demonic in proportion. He also talks about how invitations to serve an institution are often invitations to bondage. He calls them angelic powers . He asserts that demonic doesn t mean evil, but that it refers to death and fallenness. No man escapes enduring the claims for allegiance and service of the principalities. For a man to live in the state of fallenness is to endure these very claims . A profound concern for self-survival is the governing morality of every principality by this a man is judged (An Ethic for Christians and Other Aliens In a Strange Land, p. 63). I m thinking a lot about this idea these days as it relates to the church. When the church becomes self-possessed... overly concerned with its image, influence, and effectiveness, and when it becomes obsessed with its own survival, it is possessed by a power. And the invitations to serve this institution are invitations to bondage. As a Christian, church-member and pastor, this is of GREAT concern to me!

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