how dare you question authority even if it's wrong

I'm not sure this letter is real but I've seen it before and It gets me riled up every time. Even if it's not real I still know it happens. This is completely believable. I know first hand! This is exactly the attitude I constantly encountered in the many schools I've attended, churches I've served and ministries I've worked for. I also get this kind of sass from some people whose theology I question. I believe it is important to know who's wrong and who's right on certain issues. I happen to think truth is important. But when push came to shove, I began to discover that who's right and who's wrong is not the most important issue. The most important issue is the unquestioning respect for authority. You know what it's like to raise questions with those in authority. Even harmless questions. What receives the greatest attention is not the question itself but the fact that you asked it. What's more serious: the blatant disregard for authority or the blatant disregard for truth? I know you've experienced this. Right?
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