How Far Love Can Go

How Far Love Can Go

how far love can go cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


Yesterday someone reached out to me to share a revelation they had.

First, she's gay.
Second, she's attracted to the love of Jesus.
Thirdly, a church made it clear what this love means: it doesn’t include her.

Ya, I’m sure someone will come at me with the whole love the sinner hate the sin garbage.

News alert: love doesn’t pick and choose. 

It doesn’t love in part but in whole.

Love loves.

It’s like the rain that falls indiscriminately on everyone.
It’s like the sun that shines indiscriminately on everyone.

Love is indiscriminate just like that.

Because love loves.

Love just is. 

Love is!

Like the air we all share. 

The oxygen that indiscriminately nourishes every cell in all of our entire bodies.

For those who insist that you have to be a certain way before you can be fully loved and fully included… 

they reveal their own experience of fake love. They reveal they’ve never experienced unconditional love. They reveal that they grew up under the stressful atmosphere of needing to earn love. They reveal that they think they can’t love another person unconditionally unless that person bends to their fantasy and will and expectation.

They can’t imagine love because they’ve never experienced it.
They could experience it. Because it’s here. All around us. 

Like rain.
Like sun.
Like air.

All it takes is seeing it.
And receiving it.

How far does love go?
How far does it NOT go?

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