How I Made Worm Theology Work FOR ME!

Worm Theology "is a term used for the idea in Christian culture that in light of God's holiness and power an appropriate emotion is a low view of self. Some might suggest that because of this view God is more likely to show mercy and compassion" (Wikipedia). I practiced this thoroughly. But then, through the help of a spiritual director I am forever indebted to, I began to realize that even with all my faults and weaknesses, I am a wonderful human being and a great person. I realized that we are all a mixture of lightand darkness, strength and weakness,good and evil. There is wonder in this diversity. It was sort of a progression from I am a terrible worm to I am a wonderful worm to hey who told me I was a worm in the first place?! Did you know there's no official name for a group of worms? And would you like to join a group of non-worms? We call it The Lasting Supper.
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