how things really are

I need to tell you something. Someone recently asked how I can feel so connected to atheists, agnostic, backsliders, sinners, Jews, Buddhists, and so on. It s because at the root of my theology, my thoughts about God and life, is the belief that, somehow, Jesus is the center of all things. Somehow, even though I can t see it, nor can they, I am connected to all people through Jesus and that all people are somehow connected to me through Jesus, no matter where we are spiritually, theologically, religiously, denominationally, racially, sexually, intellectually, socially whatever! I see us all like planets orbiting around Jesus. Some seem close, only to be flung into outer space for a time. Some seem far away, only to be pulled close suddenly. In the universe of all things, he is the center. And this is why I see church the way I do. I automatically think the church should reflect, not this possibility, but this reality! This is why I struggle for unity in diversity. Not because I want some lovey-dovey community feeling, but because this is how things really are. In him all things hold together (Colossians 1: 17).
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