how to build an independent bookstore

This is in response to some comments concerning my recent post that said, "all truth is God's truth"¬ù. Listen to this account of Warren Farka, founder of the eccentrically funky 8th Day Books: "We hope there is a coherence within this eccentric community of books, an organizing principal of selection: if a book, be it literary, scientific, historical, or theological, sheds light on ultimate questions in an excellent way, then it's a worthy candidate for inclusion in this catalogue. Reality doesn't divide itself into "religious"or "literary" or "secular" spheres, so we don't either; we are convinced that all truths are related, and every truth, if we pay attention rightly, directs our gaze toward God. One of our customers found us "eclectic but orthodox". We like that. We also resonate with Saint Justin Martyr in his Second Apology (paraphrased a bit): that which is true is ours" Image. A Journal of the Arts and Religion, That Which is True is Ours: How to Build an Independent Bookstore , p. 110). I wrote this quote into my journal over a year ago because I so identified with it and hopefully envisioned this as a possible description of our church: "eclectic but orthodox". You see, I feel it is entirely possible for me to, like Paul, make central to my preaching that "in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself"¬ù (2 Corinthians 5:19), while at the same time encouraging and exemplifying diversity in the community (that's the orthodoxy with eclecticism). So, even though I, as a pastor, am working among people, not books, I share Farka's vision.

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