How to escape from an abusive relationship

Sophia drawing "Escape" by David Hayward nakedpastor If you are in an abusive relationship of any kind‚ employment, school, boyfriend/ girlfriend/ spouse, church, friendship, family‚ any kind‚ then read this. More importantly, get the book! It will help you. This selection, "Escape", describes how Sophia did it, which is a metaphor for the way I did it. You may not do it this way. But this is how I did it:
"All it takes is one small opening and one small opportunity. Just underneath the straw in my cell I found a hatch door. My means of escape was always available to me. I just hadn't seen it yet. My captors are busy playing their games, planning their next move, unaware that I have found my means of escape and made mine! I must make a plan. But I have no idea how to implement it. All I know is that I must escape. But I need to be clear how. And when. I felt like a slave for years. Like I said, I tried to ignore the fact. Then I tried to change the circumstances. Finally I had to admit I was enslaved. I had to liberate myself. But I still needed to know exactly when. I asked for perfect clarity on when I was to make my decision and I would act on it immediately. So many things had to be aligned. Like colossal planets. Everything had to be perfectly in line. And I knew exactly what had to be in line. I waited. Then one day it happened. I knew just as clear as I ever knew anything. It was time! Immediately. I was done! Done with my slavery. No time to hesitate. Like the exodus, hastily at night carrying nothing. So I took a deep breath. I lifted the hatch door. And I slipped away. I stole away as suddenly as a light goes out. I slipped out of bondage like I slip out of my clothes. Then I was gone. Never to return. Escaped."

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