How To Live With Teenagers

1. pay them rent (you live in their house & your money's theirs) 2. let them tuck you in at night (you re old) 3. ask when you can use the car (they have a life) 4. study cross-cultural communications (they re aliens) 5. learn how to bend laws (there are no rules) 6. buy noise-canceling headphones (what s a decibel?) 7. become skilled in the art of rebuttal (they re lawyers-in-training) 8. practice speaking in a vacuum (no one s listening) 9. take yoga (you re going to be stretched) unconditionally (they demand it AND need it) I came up with this "how to" list because, well, I live with teenagers. Lisa and I have Joshua, 19; Jesse, 17; and Casile, 14; and they are wonderful people who have blessed our lives, and we thank God for them. So the list is obviously tongue-in-cheek. I also composed this list because I'm entering a "how to" contest that Darren Rowse is staging over at Problogger. Check it out for other entries.
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