How to overcome the power of religion

"The Power of Religion" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Get a print of this cartoon. CLICK HERE TO SHOP! This doesn't only apply to religion, but to any power that would keep you under its influence.

1. Everything depends on you feeling helpless:

If you are helpless, then you are a sinner, broken, needy, depraved, a victim who needs rescue and help.

2. The next step is that it offers you the help it says you need:

If they have the cure, then it can supply your needs... it or its savior... and this requires you to confess, repent, convert, submit and commit to this particular brand of religion.

3. The final step is that this cure lasts forever:

It's not a one-time dose, but medication for life! You must live in constant brokenness and constant repentance with constant commitment through the constant expenditure of your time, energy and money. This young woman figured it out early. The whole thing hinges on her feeling helpless. Therein lies her freedom! Right there and nowhere else. Jesus said the kingdom is within you! Buddha said depend on no other. Our online community is learning how to do this. Join us! CLICK HERE! Read how Sophia took practical steps to apply this simple truth! CLICK HERE!
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