how to sound feminist but remain sexist

CLICK ON CARTOON for 35% OFF all my ART coupon "davidanniversary" It still amazes me how sexist our culture still is. On the one hand I think we are making advances. Then on the other hand I see more vociferous ideological attacks against women. Our signs and words might say, "All are welcome!" But when we investigate further we realize:
  1. "all" means all of a certain kind;
  2. "are" is conditional; and
  3. "welcome" is tenuous.
The more advanced we become, the more recessive must our shadow. That is, the more liberal we become, the more fundamentalist will the reaction against it be. All my art is on sale this weekend because it is Lisa's and my 34th anniversary! Go to my store and use the coupon code "davidanniversary" for 35% OFF everything, including the remaining Sophia originals!
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