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We must let the questions in. We must allow them to invade our tidy thoughts and comforting categories. If we don't allow the questions to ruin our routine, then we destine ourselves to a different kind of ruin that is much worse. I'm reading an excellent book by Jungian analyst James Hollis, Ph.D., titled "Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life: How to Finally, Really Grow Up". Here's a good quote from the book:
Clearly, psychological or spiritual development always requires a greater capacity in us for the toleration of anxiety and ambiguity. The capacity to accept this troubled state, abide it, and commit to life, is the moral measure of our maturity.
What questions are begging for your attention right now? Dare to entertain them! If you need someone to talk with about your journey, I am making myself available. Please email me so we can make arrangements. My BOOKS. My ART.
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