I Caught Jesus Swearing!

This is one of my cartoons that probably won't get "liked" or "shared" a lot. Instead, I'll hear from a bunch of people privately telling me that they liked it but couldn't express that publicly for fear of getting in trouble from family and friends. I get it. I sometimes swear. Mostly when I'm angry. It often works. Works at what? Two things: 1. relieving my own internal pressure, and... 2. conveying what I want to convey in no uncertain terms. This is good. ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE ARE BEING HURT! When people who claim to be Christians hurt others or condone the harm of others or support someone who does, we all know they're not getting it from the supposed founder of their faith. That's some serious fucked up shit! Seriously, swearing is a part of our values in The Lasting Supper for those very reasons. We feel free to express ourselves the way we want because it helps us feel better and it is often an effective way to communicate. Need to vent? Come join us at The Lasting Supper. CLICK HERE!
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