I Dare You to Post It!

I Dare You to Post It!

"I Dare You to Post It!" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Many years ago after I first was in the ministry, I found a spiritual director who was a Catholic nun. 

Of course, all this was kept secret because it would have been seriously frowned upon by the church and denomination I was serving.

One time when I met with her, she asked me what I was afraid of.
I said I was afraid of becoming a heretic.
She said, "So, what if you do?"

First, I was afraid of being rejected by God.
Second, I was afraid of being rejected by God's people.

Basically, she said don't worry about the first, but the second is bound to happen. 

I may not experience outright rejection from the church.
But I will certainly experience opposition, correction, and ridicule if I choose to be authentic.
All my spiritual heroes experienced the same thing.
So why shouldn't I?
Especially if I wanted to emulate them.

Have you experienced that moment just before expressing yourself honestly and authentically?

You feel the risk.
You are aware of the possible consequences.
You count the cost.

But if you dare to be yourself, you dare to pay the price.

Am I right?

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