i don't need a label and neither do you

I wrote this for the members of The Lasting Supper but I wanted to share it with you too: I don't need to be anywhere. I don't need to be a Christian. I don't need to be in church. I don't need to be an atheist. I don't need to sign a membership card. Anywhere! Except maybe Cosco. Courage means continuing in spite of the fear. The fear of not belonging anywhere can be overwhelming at times. Especially if there are people on the sidelines of your life screaming or whispering for your allegiance. As I told a friend this morning: “It's my process and I embrace it unashamedly.” So even though the pressure is to take a stand somewhere, I resist the urge. I'm going to keep moving. I'm not finished yet. I don't need to be anywhere. And neither do you.
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