i found an atheist in a fox hole

It has been said about those who serve in the military that there are no atheists in fox holes. In other words, when things get really tough everyone is a believer. We know that isn't true. In the dramatic documentary film Touching the Void, mountain climber Joe Simpson falls into a crevasse and is left for dead. Interviewed about what went through his mind at the time, he said:
"I was brought up as a devout Catholic. I had long since stopped believing in God. I always wondered if things really hit the fan, whether I would under pressure turn around and say a few Hail Marys and say get me out of here. It never once occurred to me..."
It wasn't a fox hole. But it was pretty darn close. I post this today since it is Memorial Day in the USA. My grandfather, my father-in-law, and my uncle all served their countries. I remember.
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