I Just Want to Say I Love You!

I just wanted to shout out some link love to some people and sites online who have made a difference in my personal life that I hope is reflected in my blogging:
  1. Seth Godin: Seth exhorts me to damn the torpedoes and fulfill my own call with integrity and passion. Thanks Seth!
  2. Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid: Hugh first inspired me to Ignore Everybody and cartoon with spice. Thanks Hugh!
  3. Hazel Dooney: Hazel's an extraordinary and edgy artist in the system while a severe critic of it. And she's successful. That encourages me to press on. Thanks Hazel!
  4. Arjun Basu: This Shorty Award winner for "Literature" and Twitter sensation reminds me that if I can't say it in 140 characters, I can't say it at all. Keep it short, simple and sweet. Thanks Arjun!
  5. Chris Brogan: Chris illuminates the value of quality relationship, networking and community. Thanks Chris!
  6. Gail Vaz Oxlade: A fellow-Canadian money maven who demystifies money and debt with zest. Thanks Gail!
  7. Darren Rowse at problogger: His was probably the first blog I ever read. I've never looked back. Thanks Darren!
  8. Heather B. Armstrong at dooce: Heather demonstrates that persevering in gutsy transparency with generous doses of humor and good writing pays off. Thanks Heather!
  9. The Llama: The Llama (aka DoWhatITellYou), another Shorty Award winner for "Weird", warns me of the danger of wrapping useless thoughts and activities in the language of clever but empty words. Thanks Llama!
  10. The team over at mashable: These folks are simply THE gurus of social media. Wow! Thanks mashable!
I want to give an honorable mention: I love the irreverent and incisive humor of Chelsea Handler. She exposes the pretense of fame and makes me laugh. I wish her handlers ,) would advise her to personalize her twitter account and update it herself on a regular basis. Thanks Chelsea!

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