i want to be 24/7

I want to contribute substantially to the theological and philosophical, as well as ecclesiological conversation. I don't have the time to study and write as I should (I have a full time job as an English teacher). My writing is not as substantial as it used to be. And my z-theory book lies dormant waiting for me to write it. I'm more focused now: I want to help people become and stay spiritually free and independent, even if they intentionally gather together. This is my passion. My cartoons are gaining clarity and power. I think it is connected to my focus above. But I want their potency to increase. I have the ideas. They just require more time than I have right now. So I'm thinking I need to do a couple of things:
  1. create an online community supportive of nakedpastor;
  2. start a local community supportive of this ministry.
I am frequently told that what I offer is not offered anywhere else online. I am told the same thing locally. People are hungry for spiritual freedom, independence and confidence. This is what I do. I want to do it 24/7.
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