I'd Rather Help You Seek Than Help You Find

find seek cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A man preaches, “I’m sorry people. There’s been a change. I can  longer help you find. But I promise I can help you seek.”


I love love love this cartoon.

Because he’s me. This is something I would say. This is something I do.

I would much rather help you seek than help you find.


Because helping you find implies that I know where something is and I’m going to lead you to it… like I hold some kind of supremacy and authority over your life.

But helping you seek implies that I entrust you with your own spiritual journey but I will be there for you if you need me to edify, encourage, and help you empower yourself to press on on your own path.

Most of you know me well enough by now that you know this is what I do.

Some people hate this cartoon because they think it strips those with spiritual authority of their power. They fantasize about powerful people who have all the answers leading us to Utopia. Like pastors, priests, and presidents.

Not me.

I don’t fantasize about that in others and I don’t fantasize about that in myself.

I am not your guru!

What I do love is when people assume authority over their own lives, trust themselves to find their own way, don’t fear taking the steering wheel of their personal wellbeing, and courageously explore and discover their own way of being spiritual.

This turns me on!

I can’t help you find… unless it’s finding yourself and your own power, autonomy, independence, and self-determination.

But I can help you seek.

As you help me seek!

I love all you seekers. 

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