Idea for a Story

Here's a possible idea for a story. If anyone uses it for a book or movie, you must pay me ;) It is completely based on the news I've heard that scientists have gathered enough blood remains from the Shroud of Turin to determine its DNA. So here's my idea: PART ONE: In the not too distant future, say, 2020, the labs are broken into which holds the blood remains and DNA tests of the Shroud of Turin and some of the samples are stolen. At some point we learn that it is masterminded by several Christian leaders across the world, including the Vatican, Moral Majority, Evangelicals, Greek and Russian Orthodox leaders, Archbishop of Canterbury, etc., etc., etc... PLUS, leaders of what are considered "Christian" nations. So you got a mix of politics, science and religion. What they are doing with the blood and DNA test results is they plan to clone what they hope is Jesus of Nazareth. No one is certain if the clone will be Jesus or a man, probably a criminal, from the 14th century, as the results of carbon testing of the shroud suggest. PART TWO: They succeed in making a clone. Let's call him "X". Of course, this is all kept secret except to us the readers. No one knows this is happening because it is all kept quiet and takes place in a remote facility in the USA. It is a huge enclosure, but it is indeed an enclosure, like a prison. But it is pleasant. And X wouldn't know any better anyway. Remember, the scientists, religious leaders and politicians can never know how this is going to turn out: whether it is Jesus or a 14th century criminal. The child grows within his extended "family", which are basically guards, security, scientists, observers, staged friends, and selected "visitors" from all walks of life, including transvestites, addicts, prostitutes, CEOs, religious leaders, politicians, homeless, the sick, etc. We overhear his interaction with these people. Still no decisive clues. He uses the library extensively and is like a sponge intellectually and educationally. But he also shows signs of unruliness. He is difficult to control. He is insubordinate to those who would like the experiment to be a success. He seems rude and socially awkward. But at the same time he seems wise, intuitive and larger than life... but some can't tell if this is in a Gandhi kind of way or a Charles Manson kind of way. PART THREE: Division develops. Some take all these as signs of a criminal mastermind. Others take this as a sign of Jesus. Unrest occurs between the orchestrators of this experiment. Some threaten to withdraw funding (which is considerable). But not to worry: there are enough funders who want this to work that they'll kick in the necessary cash. There is a political faction that wants X so much to be Jesus because they plan on using him for their political ends, such as the USA who would use this Jesus to squash all Islamic, Jewish and every other religio-political presence in the world. The religious lobby would use this Jesus to gain supremacy in the religious sphere. But some apocalyptic types also interpret this event as the second coming and would hasten to see this come to completion. Of course, the religious and political lobby cooperate on so many levels. PART FOUR: "X" escapes through the help of one of the guards, a beautiful, young woman called Rachel. They fall in love. I haven't thought about what happens during this time except that he upsets people. I'm not sure how. Subversive behavior. Insulting those who shouldn't be insulted. He keeps slipping away with Rachel and her small group of University friends. Artist types. Maybe lives a kind of Robin Hood life. This part is the weakest because it has the danger of becoming too cheesy. But I would want to develop the whole paradox of: is this Jesus or a nuisance to society? PART FIVE: X is finally captured by the experiment. They return him to the facility, and after a battery of tests and deliberations, decide to "put him down". The experiment is over. So is the story. Except... when we follow Rachel away at the end, she meets up with a small band of questionable friends who met X and continue to talk about him and continue their anti-social behavior. (We would need to prevent this from becoming too cheesy too.)

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