Illustration Friday: "Impossibility"

hoop This is a watercolor and ink on Arches paper, mounted on board, 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm) . I've entered it in this week's Illustration Friday submission theme, "Impossibility". I glued the finished paper painting to a masonite board and kept it pressed for many hours until it was completely dried. Then, I thickly coated it with a water-based sealer. The result was a watercolor painting that didn't need matting or glass covering. Someone snapped it up as soon as I put it up for sale. I intend to perfect this method because I love and even prefer to work with paper. But I sometimes find the matting, framing and glass that necessarily goes with paper a little cumbersome, costly, and sometimes separates the viewer from the tactile virtues of the piece. Check out my tees HERE. I'm growing my inventory all the time. And check out my art HERE.

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