Z-Theory #10: Implicit Order

Is there an implicit trinitarian structure to reality? This is what the z-theory (here and here) is concerned with. Is there The Unknown, The Revelation/Reception, and The Appropriation? (I realize these are just words. I am just using them in an effort to point to something. They are interchangeable with other words. But I have chosen these ones for now because they are global in meaning.) Even though this might be an implicit structure or order to Reality, I do not believe this restricts The Unknown within the limits of the definition. The Unknown, if it is Unknown, is only Known as the Unknown chooses to reveal and be received. So there is always The Unknown beyond The Unknown. It is the same with The Revelation/Reception and The Appropriation. There is always The More-Than beyond these categories. This honors the truly holy. Here we can dialog. For The Unknown is unknown to everyone. No one has special knowledge. We are all as infinitely ignorant as The Unknown is infinitely unknowable. And, The Unknown reveals and is received indiscriminately, crossing all borders, designations and divisions, accessible and available to everyone. It is the intersection of The Other with the world. Then, the truth, love and justice of the The Unknown is for every creature. I'm not on drugs.

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