In Sin Your Mother Conceived You

In Sin Your Mother Conceived You

in sin your mother conceived you cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A new mother and father hold their newborn child. The father says, “In sin your mother conceived you but I’ll fix that!” The mother doesn’t look pleased and the baby looks concerned.

In Sin Your Mother Conceived You

I decided to not believe everything I was taught the Bible says about me.

For example, that in sin my mother conceived me and that I was sinful at birth.

David said those words when he maybe finally realized he was a rapist and a murderer. Of course he felt disgusting all the way through and all the way back.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

Unfortunately, a lot of theology is shaped by these ideas.

The result is people are treated thus.

Including me! Including you!

Until one day I said to myself, “Wait a minute! Am I really that bad? Am I really that disgusting? Am I really no better than a worm? Am I really worthy of death with every waking breath?”

No! I’m not. And neither are you.

It’s an amazing epiphany when you realize you’re not broken and don’t need fixing.

Of course, it’s a whole other challenge dealing with those who think you are broken and need fixing. 

We’ll talk about that sometime soon.


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