Inclusive or Non-Inclusive Church

Inclusive or Non-Inclusive Church

inclusive or non-inclusive church cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: An LGBTQIA+ rainbow sheep with a couple other sheep draws a church around them, including a group of sheep drawing a church around themselves inside the larger church.


Sometimes I think I draw a cartoon that states exactly what I want to state.

And sometimes I think it's trying to be too smart.

In this case I hope it's the first one... that the cartoon conveys an important truth.

This would be that there are some people who like to imagine they are the pure and real church that rejects sin and therefore their LGBTQIA+ siblings.

Then there are others, including LGBTQIA+ people and their friends and allies who imagine everyone can be included in the church.

But the most powerful idea this cartoon conveys is that non-affirming, non-inclusive people live in a smaller and restrictive world, while LGBTQIA+ people with their friends and allies live in a much larger one that willingly includes everyone, including those that reject and even hate them.

I see this in real life every day.

Question: Who are the greater lovers? I think you know.

I hope you like it. I sure do!

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