iPhone invocations: ringtones

I've never downloaded a ringtone. But, like Chris Rock says in his latest comedy routine, Kill the Messenger, one day the phone companies are going to buy the ringtone companies and make us pay for a ringtone. When we buy our cellphones they won't ring until we buy a ringtone. We'd have to guess when they ring. Hilarious! I have tinitus, so my hearing decreases at certain frequencies. I pick ringtones native to my iPhone that offend my friends and embarrass my kids. But I can hear them. They are loud and obnoxious rings. They get the Jobs done. (Inside joke!) I've got to teach today and I'm not ready. I'm exhausted and unprepared. Jesse gets worse and we're getting more afraid. The nurses and doctors are all baffled, which is not a comforting thing.
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