Is church where you learned to hate yourself?

"Hate Yourself" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Thankfully, not all churches are this way. If you can find a church or community that partners with you in your personal growth, then awesome! If not, run! I believe religion can be an incredibly helpful tool for personal development and growth. I also know from experience and observation that it can be a terrible weapon of destruction against the human spirit. Or maybe you grew up hating yourself and church solidified this for you. Do you hate yourself? Are you just disappointed in yourself? You can learn to love yourself. I know. Are you looking for a community that helps its members learn how to be happy with themselves? Are you looking for a safe place to overcome your self-hatred, self-doubt, or self-deprecation? Looking for a place of encouragement and fun where you can finally find yourself? Join The Lasting Supper!
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