Is NakedPastor's Book "Til Doubt Do Us Part" An Aphrodisiac?

"Aphrodisiac Book" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Is NakedPastor's New Book "Til Doubt Do Us Part" An Aphrodisiac?

Description: A couple in bed reading my new book, "Til Doubt Do Us Part". First frame: they're crying. Second frame: they're laughing. Third frame: they look at each other lovingly. Fourth frame: she's on top of him and he throws the book aside.

In the book I talk a lot about the power of communication. Is there anything sexier than being heard without being judged, to listen to someone you love with an open heart and mind, and to both connect on a deep level that's beyond words?

If your going through deconstruction and you want to enrich your marriage through it, get the book. It's on Amazon and Kindle!

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