"Housewife Sacrifice" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Is sexism Christianity writ large and lived to its logical conclusion?

"Housewife Sacrifice" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Yes. This is why we have to re-evaluate our hermeneutics... how we treat the bible and its worldview. Have you read the fascinating article How Playing Good Christian Housewife Almost Killed Me? It is a powerful testimony to the extremes that a literalist hermeneutic will take you. She sums up the problem, the Christian problem, in this one paragraph:
"The reason you can find Quiverfull families in nearly every type of Christian congregation is because Quiverfull beliefs are not actually a radical departure from traditional Christian teachings regarding marriage and family. It is my contention that Quiverfull IS regular Christianity writ large ... lived out to its logical conclusion."
I admire her. It took a great deal of honesty and courage to get out of that situation. And it took even more honesty and courage to talk about it openly. Vyckie Garrison is involved with No Longer Quivering. Like The Lasting Supper, they too form groups to help people make necessary spiritual transitions.

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