Is this about Tony Jones vs Julie McMahon or about the abuse of power?

I am so grateful for this important book. I will honestly be" referring people to" Did God Kill Jesus?" for decades to come." It's that important. If I had this book in seminary, several of my classes would have made a lot more sense."
But what's more important is the comment section. At this point there are over 550 comments. At first, the comments are asking Bolz-Weber why she would promote a book by someone who is an alleged abuser. But at some point the tide turns, and the comment section gets flooded with strange names with private accounts with no apparent internet history who reveal nothing about who they really are. Some are explicitly fans of Jones. But most are questioning the integrity, reliability, and morality of Julie. Julie is being controversialized. Even though the real story is about Julie being thrown under the bus, gaslighted, bullied, abused, and shamed by a popular Christian leader and his friends, the story is becoming about her. Even though the story is about the abuse of power, it's becoming about the personal life and character of Julie. These people would like the story to be about that she lives in a upper-class neighborhood, has a fleet of SUVs, has a bottomless pit of wealth from her family's connection to oil, has nannies and is a member of exclusive clubs, is a liar, a bad mother, vengeful, hateful, and‚ back to the very original accusation‚ batshit crazy. These are just some of the accusations‚ implicit and explicit. The story is now about Julie's character. Not about the abuse of power. In fact, not content to discredit Julie, they are implicitly threatening to look into the lives of those who have provided a place for her to share her experiences, including me. They are openly asking people for information. It's almost like Nadia Bolz-Weber's post has become an anti-post to my post that started all this, Tony Jones on Mark Driscoll: What Came First, the Thug or the Theology. My post and the comments are about a story of the abuse of power. Bolz-Weber's post and the comments are about Julie. Some might argue: Well, your post made Tony look bad. Bolz-Weber's post makes Julie look bad. All's fair in love and war!" But I would disagree. My post became about a safe space for a person to share her experiences of abuse, shame, and silencing from not one man, but from many people. Bolz-Weber's post is a smear campaign to discredit Julie and dismiss her story. As if sinners can't be abused. Again, it's not about a messy divorce. It's about questionable activities surrounding the divorce that were intentionally covered up to protect ministries. That's the story. Here's another quote from the film Kill the Messenger:
You get attracted by the power. Then you get addicted to the power. Then you get devoured by the power."
This is true. It applies to those in power. They are consumed by it. But it also applies to its victims. They are being devoured by the power. Chewed up and spit out. And, like the cartoon above suggests, they are even being blamed for their own suffering. Bolz-Weber's post's comment section is victim-blaming par excellence. Join The Lasting Supper. We are great listeners.
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“I am tired of the “two sides” to every story crap.”

Me, too. Not because there aren’t two sides to every story, but because the phrase is used to level the score in abuse situations; aimed at relieving the abuser of responsibility and doubly penalizing the abused for being victimized. Victim blaming is an everyday activity. Let’s put a stop to it!


^^ in that case he should advise his friend Tiny not to make up an army of ghost accounts to argue with his victim on internet forums.


Wow. Busy weekend here, I see. And all I did was host a birthday party for a 4 year old & 14 of his friends! Oh, that, and I prepped to meet with legal counsel. That might come in handy when I start using my real name. Some people can be awfully litigious even when they know they’re in the wrong! Peace


I want in on the joke, but my gender makes it too risky – men might think I’m seriously agreeing with them.

“When a man uses a word, it means exactly what he wishes it to mean, no more, and no less.”
“When a man speaks with a woman, she will think exactly what he wishes her to think, no more and no less.”
“When a man instructs a woman, she’ll do exactly what he tells her to do, no more and no less.”


Tim WB

Drive-by Randy Buist. He said what he wanted to say but he does not care to engage in an actual conversation. Randy wants David to know that he thinks made up names on the internet are not okay. However, his friend that he publicly supports speaking at a conference about wanting to “murder his ex-wife” that’s okay. Randy really has nothing more to say on the matter.

Julie McMahon

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