Is unconditional love really unconditional?

"Un Conditional Love" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Do you need a community that tries to practice unconditional love? We aren't perfect, but we're awesome. Join The Lasting Supper. I personally invite and will welcome you, along with my tribe of incredible people! JOIN NOW! Of course this cartoon makes no sense because 3% of unconditional love is no longer unconditional love. When Jesus said "Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees", what he was warning people about was something, a thing, no matter how little, that would affect the whole thing. Like a small amount of yeast will raise the entire loaf of bread, so a small amount of something the Pharisees had to offer would affect the entire thing they touched. This is the law. This is conditions. Grace with a little bit of law is no longer grace. Love with a little bit of conditions is no longer love. Period. It's something else. Entirely. It doesn't change anything to drink 33 cartons of this 3% un conditional love. It's still just 3%. Don't you want 100% whole? I know a lot of you have settled because you can't find anything better. But there is! We can make such communities! We can start with ourselves! I have. This is why I have my online community. I would like to see this in action. And I am! Join me. Read my books. View my art. They are about unconditional love too. 100%
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