Is your mind really truly free?

"Free the Mind" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward (A brain is in a zoo. He's sad. A sign says, "Do Not Feed the Brain!" A child asks his father, "Dad, wouldn't it be happier free?") HERE! > The brain is capable of incredible feats. It's most remarkable one is its ability to believe itself. Last night I watched the remarkable documentary," Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Nothing should surprise us anymore. But I did find it fascinating that the further into Scientology you go, the more committed you must become, and the more ridiculous the theology is. It's easy to point the finger and say, "How could they have done that? Unbelievable!" Even those interviewed who left Scientology are dismayed and even ashamed of themselves for believing what they did. But, I claim we could be blind to our own ridiculousness. It has nothing to do with intelligence. The mind is critical of everything except what it itself believes. It will tweak, enhance," or" add anything that reinforces what it already believes and reject anything that challenges this. The result is that, though your mind believes it is building a fortress of faith, it has actually built a prison of belief. We are trapped and blind within our own theology. It takes something like a trauma, a crisis, a shock, to realize this, then employ" the heroic effort it takes to liberate oneself from this intellectual bondage. This applies to Christians. It is frightening to consider the escape. But the freedom is worth it. You'll see. Meet a lot of people (over 400 of us) who know exactly what I'm talking about here. These" are people who either realize they are trapped, or are liberating themselves, or are already free. I warmly invite you to The Lasting Supper.
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