It's a shame that shame is shamelessly used by the shameless to shame the ashamed!

"Bombs of Shame" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward You can buy a print of this cartoon "Bombs of Shame", and there is a lot more art there too! SHOP NOW! Thanks to a Facebook friend who inspired today's cartoon. Several people corresponded with me this weekend, and I was alarmed by how much shame is being inflicted on so many people. In fact, there are many leaders who use shame intentional to control people. Then there are others who use it unintentionally for the same reason. I appreciate Brené Brown's work on shame. In her post, Teachers, Shame and Worthiness: A Lesson Learned, she says:
"When people tell me their organizations or classrooms or churches are 'shame-free' it worries me. It means it's happening and no one is noticing or dealing with it."
I totally agree. Shame is toxic and kills. It's happening everywhere. They key is to be aware of it and be diligent in preventing it. Order my new "The Liberation of Sophia" book! You're going to love it. Join our community, The Lasting Supper, where we are diligent about trying to be shame-free and shame-healing.
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