It's Okay to Not Know and to Say So

I refuse to be pressured into believing anything... by believers or non-believers. I refuse to be pressured into stating certainties... just to make others comfortable. My goal is to make myself happy first, not others. If you experience confusion when it comes to thoughts about God, own it! If you're not sure what you believe, embrace it! Clarity may come. But don't force it. Think about it, but peacefully. In fact, did you know that this is a legitimate kind of theological and spiritual endeavor? It's called "apophatic theology" or "via negativa", which WikiPedia defines as, "a way of describing something by saying what it is not, especially denying that any finite concept of attribute can be identified with or used of God or ultimate reality." So, if this is you, get comfortable! When space is provided, truth inevitably comes to light on its own. Do you want a safe space to process your journey with others in a similar place? Join us at The Lasting Supper. I'll personally welcome you, and I'm sure, like so many have experienced, you'll feel comfortable really quickly. CLICK HERE to check us out.
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