Jehovah's Witnesses Create Homophobic Propaganda Kids Video

"Jehovah's Witnesses Propaganda" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward The Jehovah's Witnesses created a homophobic propaganda video to brainwash their children. Typical of most religious propaganda: usepretty colors, music, and sweet voices to cloak bad theology and hateful agendas. And get them while they're young! They got it right when they showed the child's curiosity. We all know that children learn early from their elders what is right and wrong. They learn early to be inclusive or exclusive, homophobic or open, courageous or afraid, etcetera, etcetera. There was a fork in the road and the mother chose the wrong one. I would rather live in a peaceful, inclusive, compassionate, and loving world. I'm sure the child would too. If given a choice. When she grows up I hope she looks back on her role in this film and realizes she was used to further the hateful agenda of a religious organization. Hey! Have you signed up for my daily cartoon email? You get a free ebook if you do. Sign up HERE.
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