Jesus and Poop Bags

"Jesus and Poop Bags" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Let me talk about shit for a minute.

Years ago I read a book by Thomas H. Green, S.J., called, Weeds Among the Wheat. Wise book!

He talks about the parable of Jesus where he teaches that the weeds shouldn't be removed because when you do you will uproot the wheat as well.

The personal application is that we should use discernment when examining our lives and be gracious with ourselves, especially with what we think are negative aspects.

Sometimes the things in our lives we don't like are there to be integrated and to develop our character and what we perceive are the more positive features of our inner lives. 

For example, I have a deep need to control my life because of my fear of things going wrong. This applies to those I love too. I don't want them to get hurt. This can make me come across as a controlling person. But, having discerned this, I do everything to keep aware of it and not behave in a controlling manner. I can't seem to eliminate the need to control, but I know it. So, the fruit of this is that I can succeed in being a very gracious person who liberates and empowers others to be independent.

The humblest person you know might struggle with pride. The calmest person you know might struggle with anger. The happiest person you know might struggle with sadness.

I also use this analogy:

Compost is made from shit and earth. Together, this "bad" and "good" blend together to make a rich soil out of which fruitful growth occurs. 

It's the same with our lives. We have weeds. We have wheat. We have shit. We have virtue. We wish there wasn't shit. But there is. And it all folds in together to make a rich soil out of which our unique lives grow.

And just so you know: the poop bag Jesus is using in the cartoon is biodegradable too!


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