Jesus and the Tidal Wave of Gay Theology

"Tidal Wave of Gay Theology" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I wrote a post the other day about the rumors that there is a tidal wave of gay theology that is going to destroy the church. This theory is motivated by fear, twisted theology, suspicion and hatred. Apparently people like Vicky Beeching is at the front of this movement. Rarely will persuasion change peoples' minds. It often takes some kind of trauma to shock the mind and force it to change. Which is why I rarely enter into disputes about this issue. I hope through my images and words to shock people into reconsidering their position. Thanks to my friend Heidi who gave me this idea for my cartoon. I couldn't resist drawing it! Would you like to hang out with people who discuss their sexuality in a safe space? Join The Lasting Supper! Read The Liberation of Sophia... the graphic story of a liberated woman. Check out more of my art HERE.
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