Jesus gives advice about abuse for 2016

"Advice for 2016" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

For some reason I had a lot of exposure to this harmful theology. It's taken a lot of personal work to explore the reasons why. On the one hand, I do know it's out there propagating itself. It's a popular theology. On the other hand, I've came to realize that there has been something within me that feels I should suffer and even be abused. I've had to come to admit that I've even invited it. This was a painful realization, but an incredibly necessary and healthy one. I claim we find beliefs that works for us. Then that belief becomes an internal psychological force that changes us to conform more to itself. It's a circular, symbiotic relationship servicing the ego. The church, like many institutions, intuitively understands this dynamic and uses it to manage its people.
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