Jesus in a Police Lineup

Jesus in a Police Lineup Cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

This morning Lisa and I were talking about the disparity between the Church and Jesus.

I remember when I was attracted to Jesus... the person.

Then I met the Church.

It didn't jive.

I wondered if Buddhists felt the same way, for example.

Did they fall in love with the Buddha and then try to join a community only to discover that the two have very little in common?

I've discovered that, yes, even though some communities do try to resemble their so-called founder, many fail.

This isn't just true in religion. I have friends who've tried to join atheist groups only to discover that the same infighting occurs there.

I just read a fascinating book, What is Real, that exposes the political and personal tensions in the scientific community. When I was reading it, I kept exclaiming to Lisa, "This sounds just like the Church!"

Where there are people there are problems.

But there's incredible beauty too.

When we are and act compassionate, that's when we look like the other great lovers we admire.

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