Jesus misogyny and violence against women

As you can imagine I'm online quite a bit running nakedpastor and The Lasting Supper as well as selling my art and keeping up with correspondence and all my social media. Sometimes I read the newsfeed in my personal Facebook just to rekindle my resolve to work against idiocy and injustice. But I must say that some days I get discouraged by both the overt and latent misogyny in the church. It seems to be laced with it. And the more our awareness is raised the more vehement the misogyny gets. It just confirms my theory that fundamentalism is a fear-based response to change and development. Therefore, the more change that is considered the more violent is the reaction. My hope, and I trust it, is that the more we raise awareness and call for justice, beginning with exercising it in our own lives, then it will eventually win the day.
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