Jesus sets the record straight on the submission of women!

"Don't Submit" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I think a lot of the problems Christians and churches have is because we so adamantly want to passionately abide by a strict, literal, and letter-for-letter interpretation of the bible. So, instead of wrestling over the word "submit" and trying to figure out how to do it without controlling or abusing women (which I think is well-nigh impossible), just realize this was written at a patriarchal time when women were less than men, with less power, and hardly amounted to more than men's possessions. Hm! Have things changed that much? Why can't we just say, "Well, that's obviously dated, so let's chuck it!" We do that with a lot of the other biblical admonitions. Why not this one that's obviously doing a lot of damage to women? Here's a good post that talks about the problem of abuse among Slavic churches, but that, as J. Lee Grady asserts, it's not just the Slavic church's problem, but the church's problem:
"We need to face the fact that Lyuba's murder doesn't just represent an issue among Slavic believers. For years American pastors have been telling women to "just submit" to abusive husbands without realizing that such advice can actually provoke more abuse."
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