Just Another Day in Paradise

This sign says, "Village Petit Paradise" ("Little Paradise Village"). It is a complete hell-hole. Little paradise. No paradise. Quite frequently in our conversations we discussed how insignificant the skirmishes in our churches back home seemed. Not just insignificant. Stupid! I think of all the crap I was going through. Nonsense. The Haitians are barely alive. There are days some don't eat at all. And disaster approaches with the coming rains. Nobody in Haiti seems worried about how right or wrong their theology is. Theology is important because I believe it shapes our actions. But if the work of our actions is hatred, what good is our theology? In my Z-Theory I talk about the Spirit as not being a separate entity anymore. It isn't something "out there". Rather, where there is love, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation, that is the Spirit. Unity and community is the Spirit. Love and the unity it manifests aren't just something the Spirit creates, but something the Spirit endows, for lack of a better word. So when we delineate ourselves then separate ourselves according to our theologies and opinions, usually with spiritual zeal, we are in fact denying the Spirit. So even though to the eye Little Paradise Village is a hell-hole, where there is love there is paradise.
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