layoffs in hell

Part of my task is to comb the internet to find out what's happening in the world. I read a lot of news, especially if it involves religion, specifically Christianity and the church. There are a lot of good things happening out there. But what is most in my face is the the meanness that takes place between people, even if they ought to be on the same page. I know when I post my cartoons and thoughts I'm taking a big risk because I'm exposing myself to criticism. I know I know I know... I have to be able to take it if I dish it out. But am I naive to think that what I'm doing is trying to expose lies? Lies like: some are in and some are out; we have the right to control people; administering shame is an effective and legitimate motivational tool; abusing others and preventing equality for all has biblical support; and withholding justice is sometimes necessary? Our duty is to call all institutions to serve humanity as they are created to do! I believe we are all essentially one, that we are deeply connected, and that a lot of what the church believes and does interferes with this. I would like to do my part to correct it. When I see others involved in the same project, even though we might not agree 100% and even though our stories and styles might be different, I will make allegiances. My friends are those who share our common enemy: that which seeks to dehumanize and destroy a person. The Lasting Supper
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