leaders and the inordinate adoration they may require

"Inordinate Adoration" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Like this cartoon? Buy a print HERE. I wrote a post the other day on the privileges of power that got a lot of attention. I suppose this cartoon is in the same vein. The word "may" is in the title intentionally because not all leaders are like this. But they seem rare these days. There have been many leaders I've served, at first willingly and gladly, whom, over time, made it clear that I wasn't there to grow into my own gifts and calling, but to kiss their asses so they could grow into theirs. Even now, working independently, there are leaders out there who expect this kind of adoration from me because they get it from others. Also, there are people who get really offended if you don't join in on the ass-kissing exercises they engage in with their favorite leader. Ass-kissing is behind me. How about you? Join me and hundreds of others at The Lasting Supper who aren't ass-kissers but ass-kickers!
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