Leeks and Liberty

It is obvious all that religion has done nothing to improve the human condition. In fact, it continues to perpetuate division, violence and death. Although it may appear to be development, it is only the evolution of ideas and their systems that occurs. Evolution has happened and will continue to happen. This is in some ways good as our sciences, organizations, technologies, politics, etc., evolve. But inevitably we will continue to use these developments not only for progress but for destruction.

I just had lunch with a friend who suggested that indeed their is evolution in the way we do church. I agree. He is going to a church that would be considered quite radical and advanced in terms of how to do it. However, it has become painfully plain to me that evolution is not what is best. But we give up the best for the good, as always. All the strategies out there for improving church are just gimmicks. They are participating in the evolutionary process. Some are more radical, racing towards new innovations and renovations. Some just go with the flow, roughly reflecting the surrounding culture's revisions. Others are counter-revolutionary, not only putting on the brakes but dropping into reverse to restore traditional thought and practice. But all these are destined to perish because they are nothing but variations on the evolutionary process. And this will get us only back to where we started.

Transformation into a new creation: that is the best. But we are in too much of a hurry to stop and consider what this means. We are required right now to perform. We cater continuously to taste. There is no time to pay attention to this problem. I love the people of my community. I do not wish to abandon them. I think we are on to something. But we are still not expressing the freedom that is ours. We are still slaves to the evolutionary process. I think in many ways we are afraid of what transformation might mean. I think we are afraid of what a new creation might look like and what it might require. Leeks and onions might not be the best thing on the menu, but at least it's a guaranteed meal. So we linger longingly in the land of our slavery.

Actually, when I think about it, it is probably me who is afraid.

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