Let It Out!

Why are we reluctant to seriously and rigorously critique the System we call The Church? Why are we afraid and react violently when we question and challenge the Institutions that we are a part of? I assert that this should be one of our most fundamental rights and responsibilities. Like I repeatedly suggest, the gathering of people together under a commonality is immediately in danger of becoming possessed by its own identity, by its own power, by itself... yes, self-possessed. The church (small "c"), that is, the people gathered visibly and locally, is instantly in danger of becoming possessed by the principality called The Church (capitalized "t" and "c") and sink into becoming a demonic power on the earth. This principality's purpose was originally to serve God justly and humanity humanely, like a good angel should. However, fallen as all creation is and prone to serve death rather than life, the principality called The Church would first oppress, then possess, then ultimately deliver death to the person and to the people, to the called out ones, to the ecclesia, to the church. Enter the prophets! Enter the stone-throwers! Enter the critics! Enter the analysts! Enter the disgruntled! Enter the revolutionaries! Enter the captive mind that knows it is not free and should be! It is our job, I insist, to constantly and persistently prophesy to the principalities and powers, every single one of them, and call them to obedience to their God and to the service of humanity!

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