let's kill something

"Thanksgiving Kill" by David Hayward (ink on paper, 8"x8"). Original & prints available. (*Several of my original cartoon drawings and prints are available, including this one! Email me if interested. Original drawings are $100 and prints are $25... plus shipping.) I am thankful for the many people in my life who are helping me develop our new site and make it a better place for the incredibly wonderful members there, davidhayward.ca. Hopefully in the next few days we are switching the site over to its new name, theLastingSupper.com. It is a growing, dynamic community and, if you think it's for you, I really would like to see you become a part of it. It's a safe, non-confrontational place where you can explore and process your spirituality along with others on a similar path. You may or may not be in a church. It doesn't matter. The site is fun, informative, and very open. Check it out: CLICK HERE. Besides the obvious, like my family and friends (including my online friends), there are some people I am thankful for who are helping me shape my vision and achieve my goals: I'm thankful for Ashley Clift-Jennings who is a brilliant designer and business coach. Once she pries and pries and then catches what you are about, she knows exactly how to manifest that in her designs and writing. Thanks Ash! My friend Jeff Roach is a master of social networking. His business Sociallogical helps businesses grow through the intelligent use of social tools. He helps me understand the social media. Congratulations Jeff and Kelly on your new baby Jude today! Thanks Jeff! A super intelligent branding expert who helped me with the development of my new site soon to be launched, theLastingSupper.com, "help yourself", is Patrick Camozzi of LPFocus. Thanks Patrick for getting me from confusion to strategy and name and slogan and everything! A guy who has helped me with technical issues ever since almost the very beginning of my blogging career is William Lehman. If I want something on the site, he figures out a way of accomplishing it. Plus he has great ideas. Thanks Will! Someone without whom my sites would not function the way they do is Brian Layman of eHermits.com. He's the server my sites are hosted on. He does a great job and always seems to be available. Thanks Brian. Thanks to Bryan Cromlish at measure.ly for helping me understand and measure what's happening on my sites and how to optimize it. There are so many others. You know who you are. Thanks for taking the time to contact me and encourage me and help me press on.
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