Letting Things Go: Sophia "Release" T-Shirt

Sophia "Release" T-Shirt by nakedpastor David Hayward


Here's my meditation on my Sophia "Release" image, which you can also read in The Liberation of Sophia: RELEASE There's an expression I've heard: ‚ÄúLet it go‚ like a balloon‚ let it go!‚Äù There's another expression that if you love something you should release them, and if they return they love you too. There's another expression that if you give up family and friends that many more will be added to you. I've had to release many things. I can't even count. Some have returned. Some have not. Some have been added. Some will not. But I released everything. It is so difficult to let things go. It is difficult to let friends go. Your loved ones. Your pet. Your job. Your house. Your church. Your religion. Your faith. Your gods. So many things. It is difficult to let things go. But I discovered there are more difficult thing to let go. Anger. Fear. Resentments. Griefs. Disappointments. Goals. Desire. I am letting something go. It is important. You've caught me here releasing my hurts. My pain. My sufferings. I'm not denying them. I am, somehow, grateful for them. But I will not allow them to define me or determine me any longer. I've gone through so much. I have suffered so many things. For so long I allowed my pain and my hurts to tell me who I am. For so long I allowed myself to wear the tortured soul persona. Constantly wrestling! No longer. I am better for my sufferings, but I am better than my sufferings. Like this balloon, I am releasing my suffering. I am releasing my pain. I am releasing my disappointments. I am releasing my hurt. They have helped shape me.¬†But their purpose has been served. They may be discarded. I release them. Thank you. You may go! I bears my wounds. I bear them well. I bear myself well.
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