Link Love Monday

snow_monkeys_8.jpgThese are blogs of personal friends of mine, people I've actually met face to face and know. Thought I'd show a little link-love to friends today: Joni Richardson, "Got Authenticity?". This is a young woman who goes to our church, a good friend of mine, who openly struggles with her sexuality. Awesome sister! Hannah Grant's "Wouldn't It Be A Lovely Headline?". She is a YWAM leader from our church who travels around the world fulfilling a missionary call on her life. Honest and funny. Mark Fowler. One of the best, most gifted and talented contractors I know. Hire him! Part of our church. Dan Wilt. He's a worship leader and recognized around the world as an important contributor to this genre of music. Brian Metzger's "Cracked Virtue". A good friend, fellow pastor, on PEI. Blunt and humorous. Heidi Hirtle's "Lilibeth's Garden". She's an artisan crafter. Amazing felted purses. Part of our church. "Anne Clay's" Portraits. A good friend I made in New Hampshire when I planted a church there about 5 years ago. We share war-wounds. Heroic! A gifted photographer. Kelly's "Celtic Cast On". She's a great writer and an artisan crafter too. A bright part of our community. Jon Hallewell. A wild man of faith I met last year when he came over on a hunch to visit our church communtiy. Hung out for a week and bonded. In England. Well, that's all I can think of for now. If I left anybody out, let me know quick! Hope you enjoyed my little link-love escapade. The fine art photograph is another creation of my friend Mark Hemmings, and is from his Japanese Snow Monkeys series.

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