Look who I caught this church hanging out with!

"Slow Friends" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward) Buy a lovely print of this cute cartoon. CLICK HERE! This isn't a criticism. I'm just pointing something out. I think most people would agree that the church does not represent revolution, but conservation. Jesus was a revolutionary. He wasn't a conservator. I would say the same thing about the earliest church. But it's changed. Sloths have always been slow. Snails have always been slow. Turtles have always been slow. The church? No. There have been times in history when the church shows incredible courage and speed in progress. But most of the time... not! This is the danger of institutions. Like Berkowski said,
"As the spirit wanes, the form appears."
Even though the church can hang out with these friends, I don't think it really belongs here. You? I invite you to The Lasting Supper where one of the things I do is provide support for people leaving the church. CLICK HERE! You should read my story of "The Liberation of Sophia". It's all about my story of leaving the church. ClICK HERE!
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