losing your faith

My mission is to empower people to be spiritually independent and happy about it. I used to think I help people who've left the church or are having difficulty staying. Actually, people who've left the church haven't necessarily changed their thinking. So my mission has become even more focused. Who I really help are people who's belief systems are crashing down around them and are losing their faith. As a result, the church has become meaningless or even harmful to them. I want to help you consider that "faith" might have become for you a restrictive word and a limiting concept, and that losing your faith might be a necessary and healthy step towards finding your own spirituality. This is probably confusing and even offensive for some of you. But for those who are experiencing this, it makes perfect sense. Because of this, I'm starting another site that I'm launching very soon. It's going to be a members-only site that is dedicated to the mission above. It will be a safe place of discussion, encouragement, support and fellowship for those struggling to become free and spiritually independent. I am going to provide webinars, hangouts, teachings and resources for those transitioning spiritually. Nakedpastor will continue as always with my daily cartoons, art and writings. But my other site is going to be devoted to helping people transition spiritually in a secure setting. You've heard the saying that a good sermon should "afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted"? Well, nakedpastor will continue its notorious"afflict the comfortable" emphasis, while my other site will emphasize "comfort the afflicted". Stay tuned. I'm excited about it.
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