losing your faith without losing your mind

"Using Your Head" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Deconstruction, changing your beliefs, losing your faith, is one of the most terrifying experiences we can have. We've been surely warned that it's a matter of life and death... eternal life and death! Absolutely everything's at stake! However, I have learned the hard way that deconstruction can be done in a way that gets you to the other side better off than you were before your deconstruction commenced. I had to betray what I'd been taught. I actually had to lean on my own understanding! I had to use my intellect, my knowledge, my wisdom, my insight, to not only survive deconstruction but to thrive following it. So now I know it can be done. And it can be done well. Be warned:
  • It can take years.
  • It will hurt.
  • It will terrify you.
  • It helps immensely if you have support.
  • It will pass and you will be happy again.
I warmly invite you to join The Lasting Supper... an amazing group of amazing people who will provide the support you need.
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